New Beginnings June 9, 2015 19:58

When we first began selling online, we started on eBay, as it is such a well known sales venue that attracts millions of visitors. However, we quickly figured out that it was not the best selling platform for our handmade items. We did some research and found a wonderful selling platform for our handmade wreaths on, a marketplace full of vintage and beautifully handcrafted wares. In the beginning we were selling our paper wreaths, which are a unique item. We soon began selling the very trendy deco mesh wreaths, which are so fun to create, especially for the different holidays! Our newest products are our hydrangea wreaths and grapevine wreaths, as well as our best selling monogram initial wreaths. For the past few months, Etsy has given us the chance to learn the ups and downs of online retail, and we've been having a great time creating new products and expanding our product line. We've now decided to branch out and sell our wreaths on our own personal website, so here we are at

Hydrangea Wreath

Year Round Grapevine Wreath

Year Round
Grapevine Wreath

Monogram Wreath with Blue & Cream Hydrangeas

Monogram Wreath
Blue & Cream Hydrangeas